The gate


The gate


6 pensamientos en “The gate

  1. dnikias

    very nice shot – I like the repeating rhythm of the sloping arc of wall and background hill (as well as the hint of it’s inverse through the opening), the more organic tone you gave it (not cold), the varying texture between stone and grassy hillside that is beyond as well as the contrast of smooth pillars and coarse stone – this is a threshold beckoning one to cross it, a passageway to another space and not just a different physical place – for me it evokes a separation of realities – just step through the portal to see a broader vista and all it’s hidden possibilities and don’t be fooled by the apparent strength of the wall, it’s just a crumbling facade… thanks! this made my afternoon

    1. friendlypics Autor de la entrada

      WOW! Thank you for you great comment. We appreciate comments such yours …specially comming from you. Your pictures are fantastic. We love this picture very much aswell. This is one of our favourites and you’ve made the right description. Cheers! 😀



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